How to find a practitioner


How to find a practitioner

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We have a great group of independent practitioners who work with individuals or groups. We have a holistic approach to our work and each of us draws upon our different skills and training using a variety of techniques including NLP, EnergeticNLP, Life Coaching and Energy Management to help our client to recover and maintain wellness, moving forward in their lives. We have all completed at least EnergeticNLP level 1and have up to 3 years experience of the techniques.

We are really looking forward to working with you and helping you to move forward with your life.

Olive Hickmott ..... www.empoweringhealth.co.uk
Health, Wellness and Energy Coach and author of "Recover your Energy"
Location: Redbourn, Herts

call - 07970-854388

Diana Kingham ... www.optimiseyourlife.com
Health and Energy Coach & Therapist, Results Coach, Hypnotherapist. Contributor to "Recover your Energy"
Location: Harpenden, Herts
call - 01582-766541


Penny Perry
Family Coach and Energy Therapist
Location: Berkhamstead, Herts
Call - 07956-125783


Ali Bramall
Location: Sedbergh, Cumbria
Buisness and Health Coach
Call - 015396-20360

Christine Burgess
Location: Aberdeen, Scotland
Call - 01224-485782
Anne Smith
Location: Norwich, Norfolk
Call - 07816-590215

Marcia Gladwin
Location: Bushey, Watford
Call - 0780-441405

Anne Williams
Location: Kingston, Surrey
Call - 0208-546-2122

Mark Newey, www.winningminds.co.uk
Location: Safron Walden, Essex
Call - 0800 083 0143

Carole Brown, www.bluebird-nlp.co.uk
Location: St. Albans, Herts
Call - 07796-368367

Fiona Maguire... www.realenergy4u.co.uk
Health, Body and Energy Therapist
Location: Dunstable and Bedford, Bedfordshire
call - 07929 589923

Mureen Hunt. Newmarket. Cambridge. UK.
Emotrance, Hypnotherapy, Counselling, Life Coach, Sports Coach, Bereavement Counselling, Past Life with Spirit Releasing Therapist, Dreamwork, Stress and Anxiety Management, Psycho/sexual, Childbirth.
Contact: mureenhunt@talktalk..net
telephone: 01638 662 090




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Energy Matters is not a replacement for the years of medical practice or alternative medicine available to you, it is complementary. It just offers everyone, using the resources they already possess, the option to focus those resources into positively affecting their health.