Energy really Matters


Energy really matters
  • Do you find that some negative television programmes such as bad news and some of the soaps, trigger exhaustion?
  • Did your symptoms start at the time of a major change in your life and a high level of stress?

"It’s puzzling, isn’t it? With so much energy throughout nature, how can anyone possibly feel fatigued? Why is fatigue a daily experience for millions of people? Why for many of them is it the dominant experience of their lives?" Deepak Chopra, Boundless Energy

Most complementary therapies are holistic in their approach, treating the person as a whole. Many seek to treat symptoms by restoring the correct flow of energy through the body. The ‘mind-body’ approaches such as NLP are excellent for eliminating the cause of the problem but not focused on restoring the flow of energy.

Conventional approaches diagnose ME/CFS by eliminating other serious illnesses. The most effective treatments to date have used a variety of approaches. The use of mind-body therapies to re-educate the individual and the working of their body; nutrients and optimum diet to reduce environmental stresses and help the body recover; hormonal treatments to restore the correct balance and functioning of the body.

Until now, little has been done to directly address lack of energy. Energy Matters combines the best of both the energy and mind–based complementary approaches. It addresses the emotions and beliefs behind the fatigue and teaches simple methods for managing one's own energy. This powerful approach works perfectly to compliment and enhance a patient’s existing treatments.

Some of the limiting beliefs clients have changed through this approach are:

  • I have to earn the right to energy
  • If I have energy I have to give it to ...
  • My mum needs it more than I do
  • I'm running on empty.

Energy Matters can do no harm. It works to complement existing treatments and brings a whole range of benefits and life skills to the patient. This promotes preventative care.

We teach individuals the skills to change their energy pattern 24/7. We provide clients with a life long tool to promote their own wellness.


This book is just for you

Recover your Energy

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Journeying through this light hearted book will enable you to never be lacking energy again. You will clear anything that negatively effects your health, understanding your own personal energy system and be able to set it up for wellness and wellbeing.


If you would like to help others recover their energy, our one-day programme teaches you everything you need. Book now.



Energy Matters is not a replacement for the years of medical practice or alternative medicine available to you, it is complementary. It just offers everyone, using the resources they already possess, the option to focus those resources into positively affecting their health. Energy matters is sponsored by Empowering Health