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Dyspraxia - simple skills to learn


Do you have Dyspraxic symptoms?

  • Do you have poor co-ordination and motor control?
  • Do you feel wobbly?

I am sure you know that those diagnosed to have #Dyspraxia have all sorts of challenges around motor co-ordination, clarity of speech, sensory issue, being clumsy, the list goes on to 44 symptoms covered by the #DyspraxiaFoundation.

But these adults and children are often very creative, determined, motivated problem solvers. So how can they have major talents and at the same time some quite debilitating symptoms, mainly with their physical body.

The answer is quite simple; one is the flip side of the other and this teleseminar will teach you one very simple skill that runs through at least 32 of the 44 symptoms. You can learn this skill in minutes and start teaching it to others. What is there to lose? The teleseminar is free and you will be sent a free audio to help you from "#Bridges to Success - how to transform Learning Difficulties".

The earlier you learn this skill the better. Having poor co-ordination, being known a clumsy child, can lead to injuries that are more difficult to help you with later.

Many people with Dyspraxia have got very fast Ferrari Formula-1 racing cars for a brain. You know that a Ferrari is an incredibly fast racing car. It wins lots of races. And with your brain, you are going to win lots of races too. You are lucky to have a turbo-charged brain, but take a look at a Formula 1 Ferrari, the seat is tiny, it is fitted just for the driver and they have to sink into it. But the seat of your Ferrari looks so small you think you can’t possibly get into it. So are you trying to drive whilst sitting on the roof of the car? You can’t reach the pedals properly, you get stuck in the wrong gear and your steering is just terrible. You are swerving all over the road. If you want to be in control of your Ferrari, we will help you find the seat that is a good snug fit, just for you. You are lucky here because I am great at helping people find the right seat for them and it will be a much smoother and safer ride.

Dyspraxic symptoms have caused people to say you are clumsy and you may have tried lots of exercises to improve your stability but you are still sitting on the roof of the car, feet dangling down without any proper control of your #Ferrari. Of course sitting on the roof it is very exciting, you can see lots of things in the environment and its great fun. You have a choice here, do you want to be in control of your Ferrari or not. When you don’t need to be in control of the Ferrari you can sit on the roof, enjoy your imagination, creativity and have fun. But don’t try driving or walking at the same time.

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 "This is so easy, isn't it cheating"


Empowering Learning offers services from the Olive Hickmott, the co-founder of the work known as Seeing Spells Achieving, in association with those we have trained. This work has been further developed, now called Empowering Learning, simplified and extended for other learning difficulties such as ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, Dysgraphia, Aspergers and Autism and published in Bridges to Success - How to Transform Learning Difficulties. Empowering Learning is not a replacement for other educational practices and techniques it is complementary.