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Are your pictures under control?


Do you have ADHD symptoms?

  • Can you get your mental images under control
  • Do your images overwhelm you?

People with ADHD often have very fast moving mental images, their brain runs like a Ferrari, without any breaks. This is great for mental gymnastics, making high speed connections between various facts and all manner of clever stuff. The only problem is that all this high speed stuff can be quite overwhelming, for example:

  • Very fast moving mental images

  • Your thoughts going too fast to catch them

  • Multiple mental images - when you try to imagine one image, of say, a cat you get 100 and they are all fighting - very scary

  • Fractured mental images - that is like the image was on a piece of glass and the glass breaks - so you have bits of cat flying all over the place

  • Multiple screens - this is like going into a TV shop and there are banks of televisions on different channels and you have to watch them all.
  • It can even get so bad that it is like a television that is not tuned into the channel.

If you have experienced one or all of the above do listen to our free teleclass. You will get lots of tips to help you understand your experience and make simple changes if you wish. You will learn how to get your conscious and subconscious minds working together to control those mental images.

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 "This is so easy, isn't it cheating"


Empowering Learning offers services from the Olive Hickmott, the co-founder of the work known as Seeing Spells Achieving, in association with those we have trained. This work has been further developed, now called Empowering Learning, simplified and extended for other learning difficulties such as ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, Dysgraphia, Aspergers and Autism and published in Bridges to Success - How to Transform Learning Difficulties. Empowering Learning is not a replacement for other educational practices and techniques it is complementary.