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The Waldorf stories


The Waldorf stories

  • Are you interested in helping very young child develop their visual memory?

The Waldorf stories have been developed as stories for very young children. Noticing that there was nothing in the Early Years Framework about visual skills, these stories are designed to guide children into developing visual skills in the most natural of ways, through story telling.

The stories deliberately have no pictures, to encourage very young children (under 7 years old) to develop good control over their visual memory and hence develop invaluable skills for literacy, numeracy, sequencing, comprehension etc

The delightful stories are about 2 dogs, Waldorf and Ralph.

When listening to the story, encourage your child to relax, make up their own pictures and let their imagination do the rest. They will start using their visual memory just like Waldorf and Ralph do, naturally without confusion.

Ideal stories for Pre-school and early years.

The stories available are:

1. Waldorf - the dog who isn't word-blind


Waldorf - the dog who isn't word blind

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Empowering Learning offers services from the Olive Hickmott, the co-founder of the work known as Seeing Spells Achieving, in association with those we have trained. This work has been further developed, now called Empowering Learning, simplified and extended for other learning difficulties such as ADD/ADHD, Dyspraxia, Tourettes, Dysgraphia, Aspergers and Autism and published in Bridges to Success - How to Transform Learning Difficulties. Empowering Learning is not a replacement for other educational practices and techniques it is complementary.